1. Catalyst Therapy Rex Arcum 3:42

Finding myself at the fore front of the Rap Rock scene in Ireland, I write and produce all my songs with the sole purpose of converting negativity and mental struggles into something positive.

Proud founder of the Rex Tribe 💚 We’re the most supportive family on the internet, join the discord! 🦖🏹

One of Ireland’s best emerging DIY creators.

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This song brings together majestically fans of Nu-Metal and Rap, a task that only the best such as Linkin Park did in the past.

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I always point to Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) as a key inspiration behind my genre-bending music. On one side of my sound, I pull inspiration from rappers such as Logic and Kanye West. On the other side of things, I am heavily influenced by modern rock acts like Biffy Clyro and Bring Me The Horizon. “It’s this fusion of genres that makes Rex a truly unique artist.”

I have become known for being at the centre of the upcoming Rap Rock community. Through my own Rap Rock Genre Benders playlist I became friends with many similar underground artists such as U.K. based Keeper and Nashville’s MNERVA who both appears on Origins

I just released my debut EP Origins, telling my story of moving away from a past of anxiety and trauma to making my dream of being an artist a reality despite external pressure and doubt.

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