1. Fun Sunstroke Rain 0:30
  2. Greta Sunstroke Rain 0:30
  3. Heaven Sunstroke Rain 0:30
  4. Mad Men Sunstroke Rain 0:30
  5. Superpower Sunstroke Rain 0:30
  6. Things Sunstroke Rain 0:30
  7. Thirty Years Asleep Sunstroke Rain 0:30
  8. To Find You Sunstroke Rain 0:30

Sunstroke Rain is set to drop her new album titled ‘Spark’ on June 11th. Sunstroke Rain delivers a fresh sound with ‘Spark’ that envisions diversity with sheer creativeness. Powerful percussion lays a foundation of electro-hooks and that distinctive personality that Sunstroke conveys as an artist that loves what she does. A signature sound that sounds as distinctive as any example of original music.

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About Sunstroke Rain

New and distinctive, with deft craftsmanship and right on the nose lyrics, and all this wrapped up in a refined and cool soundscape. Artpop; songs flowing from rhythm and dance, to laidback ambiences with beautiful vocals and squishy noises of electro.

The singer and composer Sunstroke Rain (anagram of Karin Turesson) who has played earlier with artists such as Tingsek, Ebbot, Annika Norlin, Nina Persson and Robyn now performs her own compositions backed by Olivia Lyne and Lisa Frisk.

The group delivers a sophisticated sound where the sounds are meticulously worked out. The music is performed on three keyboards, three mics with backing tracks, 3 part harmonies and a bottom end filled with swampish heavy and groovy Moog bass. The sharp lyrics describe and comment on our ever changing contemporary society with humour and pathos. (Trump, Greta Thunberg etc)

Karin Turesson released her debut “Källan” 2008 (that received great reviews) and has spent the last six years in France where she has performed with her own music. Since the Sunstroke Rain debut 4 singles have been released, several interesting gigs have been booked and industry people have praised the music. Now the first album is ready, all recorded in Malmö, Sweden.

It’s produced by Sunstroke Rain and Jens Lindgård who owns the studio and plays in Timbuktus backing band, “Damn”.