1. Stronger Now SAMMM. 3:42

SAMMM. has released his new single titled ‘Stronger Now’. A song written from experience and crafted from sheer creativity, SAMMM. draws from his original style and that type of attitude you absolutely need in this industry to make a memorable track that enhances your current feeling while it embeds in your mind.

A subtle angst, anger, anxiety, and anarchy spans the gamut with lyrical emotions in a song that wouldn’t sound any other way had SAMMM. not made it.

I get his name now. The period reminds him when to stop. This guy gives it his all. And, isn’t that what we need in the #indie scene? More people to take it to that edge?

About SAMMM.

Known for his ambient, offbeat slacker-pop approach to indie rock that is distinguished by a defining punk-infused vocal accent, SAMMM. is the moniker for Brisbane-based artist Samuel Geddes, who brings his intense personal experiences to every ounce of his music, delivering unparalleled sonic journeys.

The last time we heard from SAMMM. was in 2020, when he unleashed his dynamic EP ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’, which featured lead singles ‘Four Eyes’ and ‘Faye’, seeing SAMMM. dabble into life-changing experiences battling substance abuse, self-care and intense romance and heartbreak.

Now, SAMMM. makes his bold return with ‘Stronger Now’, which also delves into his first-hand experiences with addiction within a grounded rock track featuring guitar-lead melodies and a warming inner light. Focussing on his indie-rock roots, the track pairs surging electric guitar layers with fervent drumming, while still leaving space for jangly synth-pop notes to peek through the strong melody.

Samuel Geddes’ distinctive vocals are front and centre, his thick accent demanding attention as it palpitates with the inner strength of the mantra-worthy sentiment of his lyrics. Front to back, ‘Stronger Now’ carries all of the elements required for an upbeat indie-rock charmer, underlain with the undeniable force of SAMMM.’s bruised optimism and kooky offbeat energy.

A deeply personal song, ‘Stronger Now’ sees SAMMM. reflect on the destroyed relationships left in the wake of addiction, whilst also acting as a mantra of self-belief. SAMMM. elaborates:

“When I wrote ‘Stronger Now’, I was watching addiction destroy my relationships, almost as if I was viewing my life from the outside, making choices that weren’t my own. The lyrics, “wasted youth” came out so easily because I felt that I had lost so many younger years to drugs and bad choices. Then I’d be face-to-face with depression and anxiety again, and drugs felt like a safe constant for me,” he says.

“I think in retrospect ‘Stronger Now’ is a tribute to the friends that had to give up on me because I know it’s hard to support an addict in a downward spiral. ‘Stronger Now’ was my mantra that I wasn’t giving up on myself yet.”