Sean The Star Emperor has today released the video for his new track titled ‘Typical Male’. It’s rare to see an artist that can blend the sight and the sound with such an obvious marriage of artistry and soul in such a way to seem seamless from those first few frames. Coming off as an experience more than a video or song, the experience left is meant for the cinema with a score that means you to move.

All too short, however. Put the loop on.

About Sean The Star Emperor

Sean The Star Emperor is as much a musician and artist as he is a masterful showman. Bake a cake with the ingredients of Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Lady Gaga, with a dash of The Black Eyed Peas, and you’ll understand the charismatic, modern-glam-pop, catchy dance monarch! All accompanied with elaborate backstories for his space themed stage personas; this multiple award nominee is really a unique find in today’s music landscape.