The Short Film “Color Me Grey” has launched its 30 day crowdfunding campaign and has taken a unique approach in their pitch video. Fusing the pitch with the narrative of the story to give funders a taste of the world to be created.

UK based production company BlackBox Creative and International actor Ashley Tabatabai have teamed up to create the new short film “Color Me Grey”. The project is in pre-production with filming set to take place in early 2015.

At its essence the film is a story about each person’s definition of success and the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to achieve it. “When the city’s most notorious crime syndicate decides to go through a restructure within their organization, some of the biggest, and lowest, level players look to take advantage of this. For Johnny and Scott, working the streets has been the daily grind but tonight is the time to step up and seize the opportunities placed before them. Witness what happens when the need for success pushes them, and those around them, past the point of no return.”

BlackBox have brought together an exciting cast, including Ashley Tabatabai (Allies) and Scott Michael Wagstaff in the lead roles, being supported by the talents of Julian Kostov (24:LAD), Tim Fellingham (Final Destination 5) and Mike Archer (The King’s Speech).

The project’s crowdfunding campaign has just been launched and looks to take a different approach to its pitch. In order to give funders a flavor of the world being created, they have integrated the pitch into the narrative of the teaser trailer.