1. The Snow and the Eclipse Slaney Bay 4:10

South-London based trio Slaney Bay fuse soft, introspective lyrics with soaring, ear-worm guitar riffs. Guided by melodic vocals and euphoric guitar tones, the band explores the whole indie- alternative genre. The band consists of 3- childhood friends: Caitlin Whitley (lead vocals and guitar); William Nicola-Thompson (lead guitar); and Joel Martin (backing vocals and bass). Slaney Bay’s debut single, ‘Talking About You’, garnered generous support in 50+ countries, with notable support from actor, Robert Carlyle. Their second single, The House Across the Street, is an earworm indie-pop track, lending to an energetic live performance.

The group has enjoyed sold out crowds at Modern Age’s Ones to Watch for 2022 and Camden Rocks Festival.

Combining delicate vocals reminiscent of ‘Daughter’, with euphoric guitar solos redolent of ‘The War on Drugs’, The Snow and The Eclipse is a subtle-yet-spectacular single, one that instantly seeps into your subconscious. The track follows on from previous singles ‘Talking About You’ and ‘The House Across The Street’ which picked up great support from Amazing Radio UK and US.

Guided by the pure tones of lead vocalist Cait Whitley, the track is an introspective love song that embodies the intensity of romantic feelings depicted in films. “The track amplifies the feeling of time running out. You either confess your feelings to someone now, or you may miss your only shot” says Whitley. With soaring rises in sound, the track guides you towards an emotional crescendo. “The songwriting process was always geared towards getting that cinematic sound”, says lead guitarist, Will Nicola-Thompson, “where you can’t help but listen again just to try and process all that emotion”. Bassist , Joel Martin, expands on this; “it was all about capturing that happy-sad feeling that weighs heavy on your chest”.

SOURCE: Official Bio