Storeys has today premiered two new tracks in the form of their new original ‘Destination Unknown’ and their cover of The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’ via their new EP, dropping today from New State Music.

For those who don’t know, Storeys is a new supergroup consisting of Steven Smith from Grammy winning electronic group Dirty Vegas and Anthony ‘Saffs’ Saffery from Cornershop. What we get here is something that sounds like neither but a part of both. This is the evolution of two masterful artists in a time of musical progression.

The sweet subtleness of ‘Destination Unknown’ gives a solace to the heart of those searching for themselves. The emotion lies within the quiet yearning within the lyrics and just beyond the music with a feeling of introversion and a retrospective.

‘Lucky Man’ reimages the Verve’s original by giving the song a more sonically intimate yet more emotional rendition. I feel a slight sense of sorrow within the verses. Could it be irony? Or is it something else. I also hear all of the ‘little things’ in the background that most people may or may not hear but make all of the difference in the final song. This is quiet beauty through the speakers.

Both are songs that you must give your full attention to. Whether you are busy or not. Take the time for these.

About Storeys

Blending pared down guitar led melodies and unfiltered electronic grooves, the pair’s creative vision shines through on the track’s cathartic core.

Following on from the recent singles, ‘Boat’ and ‘Sometimes’, they say: “This song was written in the midst of the pandemic, and its coming from a place of personal uncertainty and fear. It was a very tough time for many people, myself (Steve) included. The arc of the song starts from the place of feeling lost but ends with the optimism that eventually we back it back to where we feel comfort and safety.

As a bonus for the EP, the band also rework The Verve’s classic ‘Lucky Man’ in their own inimitable style. They add: “This song has been a favorite since its release, its simplicity and its alluring melody, sung so beautifully by Richard Ashcroft in his finest moment. We wanted to give it a different feel and expose what is such a great piece of songwriting about realizing that so much is good in this life.”

Storeys, a new musical super pairing, consisting of Anthony ’Saff’s Saffery and Steven Smith, could easily have met in any number of cities, stages, or clubs, but it was a South London friend that brought them together when they were introduced at a favorite restaurant in Boston, USA. Conversations of Smith playing live shows at hedonistic 90s dance clubs in the UK alongside legendary DJs such as Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong. Saffery recalling a journey from punk clubs to the burgeoning M61 warehouse scene with a soundtrack of A Guy Called Gerald, LFO, and 808 State, a musical alliance was formed.

Saffery, a founding member of Cornershop, and Smith, a third of Dirty Vegas, both spent years touring the world with their respective bands. Cornershop secured a number one single with Brimful of Asha and Dirty Vegas achieved a Grammy win with Days Go By. After Cornershop stopped touring in 2001, Saffery moved into a production role and has since produced Portugal. The Man, mixed The Lemonheads, and many other projects. Smith, a veteran of electronic music with Billboard naming Dirty Vegas No.6 ’Top selling artists of the 2000s’. While still continuing to release music with Dirty Vegas, in 2017 Smith became a full time member and percussionist for New Wave pioneers, Squeeze.

Today, Saffery and Smith come together on Storeys. After several years of working together on projects including Portugal The. Man’s global hit, Feel It Still and two solo albums by Smith, Storeys reunite the sonic memory of M25/M61 parties and blend crafted songwriting with textured soundscapes.