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    Kepa Lehtinen

    The Test Drive: Kepa Lehtinen – In The Heart of Winter

    Kepa Lehtinen has released his new album titled 'In The Heart of Winter'. Such a heartfelt, personal, and cinematic flare. That is the first words that come to mind when listening to Kepa Lehtinen....
    Kepa Lehtinen

    First Look: Kepa Lehtinen – Waltz For The Sleeping Helsinki

    Kepa Lehtinen has today released his new video for the track titled 'Waltz For The Sleeping Helsinki'. This is the mind of a composer through the heart or a musician and the soul of an artist. Thinking, literally, on his own plane of existence, Kepa harnesses that part of the brain wired directly to the heart and finds solace in true originality.
    The Best #Indie of 2021

    The Best #Indie of 2021

    Jammerzine's The Best #Indie of 2021 is a collection of music from independent artists around the world that were featured on Jammerzine in the year 2021.
    Kepa Lehtinen – Face Plant

    First Look: Kepa Lehtinen – Face Plant

    A new musical excursion from Kepa Lehtinen …Face Plant is a six-track mini-album of original contemporary classical music written for piano, contrabass, and theremin. . The theremin is a century-old electronic instrument that’s played...
    Kepa Lehtinen

    First Listen: Kepa Lehtinen – Nowhere

    Kepa Lehtinen has released his new single titled 'Nowhere'. A sweet and subtle mix of dark andante tempo, neo-classical, and pure originality, Kepa gives an original instrument a new voice and expression in a...
    Live @Home

    Jammer Direct Presents ‘Live @Home’ Concert Series ft. 8 Artists in 4 Countries

    Live @Home is a new chapter in discovering music, with artists performing straight from their homes into fans Homes new and old. Going through Jammer Direct's multiple streaming platforms via PC/Mac, Mobile, Tablet, Radio,...