Kepa Lehtinen has today released his new EP, as well as the video for the title track, both titled ‘Unet’. Kepa has that uncanny knack at making music for emotion and feeling as much as for the beautiful sounds themselves. Think of ‘Unet’ as a score to your life. A varied canvas of somber sounds, each with a different soul.

Kepa may be an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, but it takes someone in tune with the world around them to translate those instruments into something relatable and revered. Every song on ‘Unet’ is a piece of that inner self that remains in the background but defines your life around you.

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About ‘Unet’

Modern classical composer Kepa Lehtinen will proudly release his sixth album, Unet, of new pieces for piano, theremin, and double bass on April 24, 2024. Lehtinen is one of the most original composers working today and his innovative way of combining classical and electronic sounds is a true singularity. Defying expectations, his unusual sound has rung up millions of streams across the major platforms and shows no sign of slowing down. Unet has also already scored airplay on important shows on Yle1 (Finland) and CBC (Canada).

Lehtinen’s use of the theremin, a touch-less electronic instrument of Russian/KGB origin, gives his work an otherworldly originality that sets him apart from other contemporary composers. “No one plays the theremin like I do,” he says. “I no longer use it as a solo instrument but as a part of the timbre, enlivening the whole. An analog theremin that even reacts to the player’s breath makes the sound really organic.”

Thematically, Unet is about dreams and nightmares. Standout titles like “Sade (Rain)” and “Sota (War)” feature Lehtinen exploring every aspect of human emotions and turning them into powerful pieces of music that speak truth to all who listen.

Kepa Lehtinen is a well-known musician and composer from Finland. He has studied film sound design at Aalto University, plays the piano, synthesizers, and theremin, and has scored many movies, TV shows, and commercials. Outside of music, he’s a skater, a motorcycle rider, and a lover of life.