Kepa Lehtinen has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Suru’. Like a journey into the minimalist mind via the id and ego, Kepa sets a tone all his own with a vivid piece that takes you to a dark place with an arm around your shoulder for assurance. Almost like a tear dripping slowly down your cheek, the theremin lead guides you and sets the tone for a subtle ensemble piece that you can never forget. Beautiful.

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About Kepa Lehtinen & ‘Suru’

Noted Helsinki-based film and television composer and thereminist Kepa Lehtinen is about to make waves again with the release of his latest piece “Suru” on November 1st, 2023. It’s a brief, meaningful rumination on grief that uses melody, space, and a minimalist approach to speak directly to the human soul. “I’ve noticed that the happier I am, the more sad music I make,” says Kepa.

“There are interesting shades of sadness. Grief is not bad. In life, disaster is always lurking just around the corner but grief is a medicine in itself.” The title of the work is the Finnish word for grief, which puts the track’s intentions up front for all to see. It’s a breathtaking piece of music that couldn’t have come from any other musician.

Kepa Lehtinen began life on the piano but was mysteriously drawn to the theremin, a hands-free electronic instrument invented in Russia. Its tremulous, exotic sound gives Lehtinen’s music its own individual voice that can’t be forgotten once heard. He’s one of the most exciting classical composers working today.

Lehtinen is also a sought-after film/tv composer whose music has been used all over the world. His most important new work was the music for the internationally-released television series Made in Finland/Mobile 101, now available on Disney+.