Kepa Lehtinen has today released his new video for his latest track titled ‘Sade’. Kepa is one of those artists that can tell an always beautiful and, sometimes, beautifully sad story with his music. Each note is a word. Each phrase a story in and of itself. This is music you can get lost in and be weary to find your way back from.

With ‘Sade’, Kepa weaves a somber duet via piano and theremin; two instruments that would hardly be found together, but here they are. Bound in featured glory. Complimenting each other while stating their own uniqueness. While this song, along with most of Kepa’s other works, could be defined as progressive and classical, I would personally call it classic.

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About Kepa Lehtinen & ‘Sade’

Well-known Finnish film and alt/classical composer Kepa Lehtinen proudly announces the release of his new instrumental work “Sade,” written for piano, double bass, and theremin, on 10 January, 2024. The word “sade,” is Finnish for rain and fits the mood of this sublime, ethereal piece. It was inspired by the endless rain and darkness of autumn in Finland and perfectly conveys its atmosphere.

The unique sound of Kepa’s theremin playing gives “Sade” an immense expressive intensity that sets it apart from his peers in the modern classical music world. “Everybody wonders at my instrument,” he says, “but it’s the most organic musical instrument there is. It’s in direct contact with my breathing and the rest of my body.” Indeed, the timbre and tone of the touchless, electronic theremin gives Lehtinen’s music a compositional and emotional depth few other instruments can deliver.

Kepa Lehtinen began his musical journey by studying piano but was eventually drawn to the theremin, a hands-free electronic instrument invented in Russia. Its tremulous, exotic sound gives Lehtinen’s music an individual voice that can’t be forgotten once heard. He’s one of the most prolific and relevant classical composers working today. His music appeals to the modern listener and belongs to the world.

Lehtinen is also a prominent film/tv composer whose work has been used in countless broadcasts. His most important recent project was doing the music for the internationally-released television series Made in Finland/Mobile 101, now available on Disney+.