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    First Listen: Koncept – Untouchable

    Koncept has released his new track titled 'Untouchable'. Featured by a suave bassline cruising through a dark backbeat and conjuring images of f*ck it all attitude and boss like overtones, Koncept adds a K...

    First Listen: Koncept – Thriller

    Koncept has released his new single titled 'Thriller'. Starting off like a Quentin Tarantino movie with a conscious, the song builds to a constant climax with enough attitude to put you in check and...
    MC Bravado

    First Listen: MC Bravado – I’m Good (ft. Koncept & Not.Fay)

    MC Bravado has released his new single titled 'I'm Good' with Koncept and Not.Fay. MC Bravado is one of those artists that speaks from the heart and shows his human side in his music. I'm good shows that he is indeed good. The feeling is fused in the music and reaches for those aspirations that we all deserve while not always knowing it.

    First Look: Koncept – Leather

    Koncept has today premiered his new video titled 'Leather', from his latest EP 'Lucy'. Keeping that and those we hold the dearest gets a soundtrack from an artist that knows what it means to be rich. Not monetarily, mind you, but in ways most people cannot fathom. With a reeling of feeling and a penchant for personal, Koncept sheds light on what it truly means to be humane to one's self. To hold dear what really gives back and hold tight what should never be let go.

    The Test Drive: Koncept – Lucy + New Video

    Koncept has today released his new EP titled 'Lucy'. An ode to the one who gave him life, Koncept pays is respect and gratitude the best way a child can do for his mother; with ones own creativity. That better life she made for her son is perfectly reflected in and throughout this EP.

    First Look: Koncept – Sheeesh

    Koncept definitely amps it up a notch or two with his new feature-length video titled 'Sheeesh'. This is an absolute gem to watch. Harking from the ghost of 'Boogie Nights', featuring Bud Bundy himself...

    Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie for 3/18/2019

    Jammerzine exclusive interview with Ashton Nyte plus premieres from Koncept, I Am A Rocketship, Tiny Fighter, Pacific, Quiet Marauder, Bromide, and Your 33 Black Angels. LINK: https://jammer.direct/jammerzines-the-week-in-indie-for-3-18-2019

    First Listen: Koncept – Strong

    The first thing that brings me in with the new single from Koncept titled 'Strong' is the sultry intro and smooth beat. That is the first hook. The earnestness of the slightly gravely vocals...