Koncept definitely amps it up a notch or two with his new feature-length video titled ‘Sheeesh’. This is an absolute gem to watch. Harking from the ghost of ‘Boogie Nights’, featuring Bud Bundy himself (David Faustino), and even referencing a ‘fluffer’! What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. That’s what!

But what really shines is the track itself. Backed by a quasi mix of a deep groove and electro-backed beat mix, ‘Sheeesh’ slaps that fluffer and rubs the rap raw with spit love mic musings and a slick title drop that keeps the interest high as well as the meat.

Koncept is really living his best life here with this single and music video, “Sheeesh” from his upcoming album “Champagne Konny” that releases on all major music platforms worldwide on August 16th.

‘Sheeesh’ is produced by Wrist. Mixed & Mastered by Mark “Keitel Jr” Lowe. Recorded in South Central, Los Angeles.

‘Champagne Konny’ is due for release on August 2019.

About Koncept & ‘Sheeesh’
In Koncept’s new Music Video for new single, ‘Sheeesh’, we see a parody of the Mark Wahlberg hit movie, ‘Boogie Nights’.

With David Faustino (which many will remember as Bud Bundy aka Grandmaster B from the classic TV Show, Married With Children) playing the role of the cocaine using porn star Mark Wahlberg, you’re going to be hysterically laughing.

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‘Sheeesh’ is everything you want. Porn (rated PG enough for youtube), laughs, and a smash record that has you bouncing with Koncept.

Sheeesh is available on All Music Platforms: