Koncept has today premiered his new video titled ‘Leather’, from his latest EP ‘Lucy’. Keeping that and those we hold the dearest gets a soundtrack from an artist that knows what it means to be rich. Not monetarily, mind you, but in ways most people cannot fathom. With a reeling of feeling and a penchant for personal, Koncept sheds light on what it truly means to be humane to one’s self. To hold dear what really gives back and hold tight what should never be let go.

And, while that includes Luc Belaire, it also includes his art and, in my opinion, everything that inspires him and that he admires. Leave that to the imagination but know this: it’s a solid track and a monster statement.

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About ‘Leather’

Following the release of his critically acclaimed EP ‘Lucy’, Koncept returns with his next self directed video from the project, for single ‘Leather’.

In a world driven by numbers on tik-tok and constant demand for glorified content, Koncept realizes that what means the most to him needs to be protected.

In this film, Koncept packs his duffel bag with his most loved possessions; his art and the brand that gives Champagne Konny his juice – Luc Belaire.

The video starts with Koncept on his home ground in New York City, and follows his journey driving through the city directly into the desert of California to bury his duffel bag.