1. Five Feet Tallulah Devi 4:12

New indie singer/songwriter, Tallulah Devi, with unique timber, stokes pop, folk & jazz in her debut album. In her first go, Tallulah carries the heat of each at different moments in the album. Tallulah manages to create a feeling as if she is riding on the back of time, she is on time with a bit of drag. This aligns well with laid back Tallulah. Her work is her own kind of raw and wholeheartedness, with unexpected vocal happenings.

Like many musicians, Tallulah hopes that her work plays a strength & solace as it reflects and touches each unique listeners’ own life happenings. Tallulah wrote Strawberry Skies in high school’s flux of loves and pains, while slogged in COVID smog. Baah. Her music lights and is artistically rough at times. She completed the album at age 17 and is publishing it at 19. It took some time as an independent artist figuring out this process. Tallulah has continued to write all along, so more to come soon.

SOURCE: Official Bio