What’s up everybody,

For those of you who know me know that I have put passion into a few different things over the past 4 years, the 1st 2 years was learning how to play guitar. This video has 2 different views, and audio’s. This was in the very beginning stages of 1st Shot Music. I hope you like it. -Johnny. (creator) of 1st shot Music.

While I wasn’t writing or creating I was taking care of my kids. My oldest is Brooke, and my youngest is Blake. They are 14 months apart so you have to imagine how difficult it can be to get work done, and keep the kid’s happy all at the same time.

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The above pics is Blake and Brooke. My babies.

I am looking forward to exposing as many independent musicians out there as possible. I will except any and all genre’s. However the sound must be crystal and the imaging must be still. 1st Shot Music as the newest addition to JammerZine, & Jammer Direct Media I with all the passion within me will make sure your music will go to the moon and back.

I would like to thank Sherry Sabine With New Driven Indie Source , Ryan & Kent – Head administrators, and content creators of Jammer Direct


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