THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT release their new single “The Trip” on October 8th Available as a digital download and later as a limited edition vinyl single with “The Messenger”, “The Trip” is the band’s updated, but faithful, version of the Kim Fowley underground hit.

“…my fave new bands @bdmofficial and @Templesofficial… Rock roll and onwards and upwards” Liz Kershaw BBCRadio 6 Music

“The Trip’s” songwriter, and original artist and producer, Kim Fowley said, “Great, guys! Thanks so much.” This new recording of “The Trip”, has a timeless quality about it. It was originally recorded and released in 1965 by Kim Fowley who is known as “one of the most colourful characters in the annals of rock & roll” and as “a shadowy cult figure well outside the margins of the mainstream.” Kim discovered and managed “The Runaways”, whose song “Cherry Bomb” (co-written by Kim Fowley and Joan Jett) is currently featured on the gold certified “Guardians of the Galaxy” Soundtrack. Kim’s autobiography, “The Lord of Garbage” reads like a rock and roll hall of fame. “Kim Fowley … is among the more infamous members of the rock and roll community. Best known as the Svengali-manager of “The Runaways”, Kim released an unusual pop single in the mid-60’S called ‘The Trip.’ It is a mainstay of any anthology of 60’s psychedelia” Formed in 2010, The Black Delta Movement have played over 150 gigs up and down the country, building a stellar reputation for themselves with their “wall of sound” rock and roll.

The band is comprises of Matt Burr (guitar and vocals), Dom Abbott (guitar and vocals), Liam Kerman (bass) and Jacob Tillison (drums). The Black Delta Movement efficiently blends garage, rock and roll, blues and psychedelia into their unique sound. Compared favourably with “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”, “MC5”, “Small Faces” and “The Doors”, The Black Delta Movement draw their influences from a wide musical palette.

“The Trip (The Black Delta Movement Version)” is a version of “The Trip” (Fowley/Geddess/Hardesty). Published by Zulu Music. Used by permission. All rights reserved.