Erratically charged and blistering out of Hull with the ferocity and barbarity of a Mustang driven by some twisted delinquent, this five-piece pack punch after punch with their unhinged, road less-travelled garage-rock take on psychedelia. Utilising two drummers gives the band an added dimension by keeping a crushing rhythm section, allowing for swathes of sound and texture to wash over the top creating diverse soundscapes that fall at the feet of Ride and the early Verve material. To witness a Black Delta Movement concert is less a performance and more a spiritual affair, wrapping crowds within their plated gown of volume, depth and incessant groove, the group do not ask for your attention but command it and you can do nothing but fall at their feet.

Their music draws eclectically from contemporary artists and those of yesteryear from both sides of the pond, confidently ranging from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels and The Small Faces. It’s abrasive, raucous and rattles you down to your bones. In an age when genres such as garage-rock can be loosely applied to a vast malaise of mediocre musicians, each being about as easily disposable as an empty pack of cigarettes, The Black Delta Movement are here to put the danger, potency and threat back into the genre. Their tireless work ethic that has existed since their debut performance at Hull’s Freedom Festival in 2010 has seen them strut their stuff up and down the country and through to Russia and Ireland, now garnering slots with such esteemed musicians as The Jesus and Mary Chain, Drenge, Steve Craddock, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Stranglers.

They have recorded an extensive list of EPs and singles over the years, each one demonstrating a different period in their time as a band; the sounds range from the far-flung psychedelia of 2011’s Peach Flavoured Hand Grenade through to the garage stomp of 2013’s Ghost Dance via the darkness of 2012’s Lavender House along the way. Soaring riffs loom over like fighter jets whilst pummelling rhythm sections possess the potential to bring down the Colosseum of Rome. Their latest offering, a cover of Kim Fowley’s ‘The Trip’ has seen them paint an original with their signature captivating groove, making the song become their own and a staple point of live sets.

With a new EP in the pipeline that has been recorded at Magic Garden Studio with Gavin Monaghan (Ocean Colour Scene, Editors), we can only wait for now what this next offering will possess us with. It is sure to knock you over, watch you struggle and simply carry on with the same ferocity whilst you look around in daze. Last September saw The Black Delta Movement come full circle and return to headline Hull’s Freedom Festival, it was a fitting sign off for that chapter of their story and now they sit gritting their teeth with the wide eyed anticipation of wolves, waiting to see what 2016 will bring.

Judging by their recent appearance at Manchester’s Cosmosis Festival, their upcoming EP and their recently announced tour, it’s set to be something that brings the world one step closer.

Live Dates:

  • 6th August – Party In The Pines
  • 6th August – Humber St Sesh, Hull
  • 12th August – Hedfest, Hedon
  • 27th August – Watchet Festival