Tombstones in Their Eyes have released their new single titled ‘I’m Not Like That’ from their upcoming album ‘Asylum Harbour’ dropping later this year via Kitten Robot Records.

TITE has a certain about it’s music. They way it all comes together, while different with every song, takes on a metamorphosis as that song chugs along or plays out. That is really evident in ‘I’m Not Like That’. Captured from that transition from inspiration to picking up an instrument and laying it all out there, this is a song that feels like a journey of the mind and spirit.

While I feel, as of late, that the term ‘shoegaze’ gets thrown around more and more, to the point that it’s beginning to become an assembly line genre, with TITE, and ‘I’m Not The Only One’ we get a solid progression of original music with a true purpose. That purpose is to inspire.

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About ‘I’m Not Like That’

“This song is one of the quietest songs we have done, but I can see more of that coming,” says vocalist/guitarist John Treanor of Los Angeles-based psychedelic shoegazers Tombstones In Their Eyes (TITE) about their iridescent new single ‘I’m Not Like That’. Layered with shimmery, corduroy textures and punctuated with a swampy slide guitar, the track glimmers in textural brilliance while he appeals to understanding and acceptance. “The lyrics came in my normal stream-of-consciousness method,” he adds. “Whatever came out was from somewhere inside my psyche. It is kind of a plea for help as well as an expression of gratitude for love received.”

Tapping into a post-midnight comedown vibe, the song’s somnolent pace reflects its origin. “‘I’m Not Like That’ was written late at night in early 2023,” he explains. “I recorded the demo in my home studio. I was trying to be quiet so that I wouldn’t wake my wife, so I didn’t use a pick on the rhythm guitar and I sang in a whisper. I had an idea to build on the simple structure with some pedal steel guitar, so I contacted a gentleman named David Murphy, who provided a beautiful track for the song. I also worked with one of our guitar players, Phil Cobb, who added some additional guitars to the track and slide guitar. It came out great when it was all mixed together.”

The first single from their upcoming album Asylum Harbour, which will be released later this year, “I’m Not Like That” finds primary songwriter Treanor emerging from a murky state of mind. “Asylum Harbour is a maritime phrase for a safe place to wait out a storm, and the album is really me coming out of a dark place and the songs, for the most part, reflect that journey,” he explains. “Almost all of it was written and recorded in 2023 with the exception of two songs that were written years ago.”

About Tombstones in Their Eyes

With its origins a decade strong, TITE continues to evolve and expand, stretching its psychedelic core. “Vocal harmonies have become one of the most important parts of the songs we record now and that should continue as we have just added another female vocalist to the band who will also be playing keyboards,” he says. “It is still in process, but if that works out, we will have seven people on stage!”

In the producer and mixing chair, Paul Roessler (TSOL, The Screamers, Nina Hagan) returns as Treanor’s muse, offering some harmony vocals and keyboards to their already lush sound, expertly blending psychedelia and shoegaze with heavy, fuzzed-out guitars over reverb-drenched, dreamy vocals and precise melodies. If “I’m Not Like That” is any indication, their new album will propel the band into even more complex and intricate melodies. “If all goes well, I think this one will be a bit more out there in terms of the sound,” he laughs. ”We will see.”

“I’m Not Like That” was produced and mixed by Paul Roesseler for Kitten Robot Records and is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, Youtube and Amazon Music. Tombstones In Their Eyes is John Treanor (vocals/guitar), Phil Cobb (guitar), Paul Boutin (guitar), Stephen Striegel (drums/percussion), Courtney Davies (vocals), and Nic Nifoussi (bass) with additional support from Paul Roessler (vocals/keys) and David Murphy (pedal steel).