1. More Than Just Pretty The Magic Epic 4:32
  2. Brother Sister The Magic Epic 4:38

The Magic Epic has today released his new double single titled ‘More Than Just Pretty’ and ‘Brother Sister’. Two songs very distinct from one another yet bookended within the style that is Toby Juan, the man behind the music that is The Magic Epic. One is slightly orchestral and experimental while the other is heartwarmingly accessible. Take your pick, both will suit you.

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About The Magic Epic

Toby ‘The Magic Epic’ Juan, grew up in suburban South London and moved to the coast after falling in love with Brighton where he began writing his own music in 2013.

He worked as a hod carrier and then became a full time busker , many years of busking has allowed The Magic Epic to perfect his craft and overcome his performance anxiety. His influences include John Lennon and Otis Redding but he’s often likened to early Billy Joel.

The tracks also feature Iain Hornal from 10CC and ELO on backing vocals and bass guitar whilst the videos are edited by Andy Baybutt who was behind the promo for The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’.

About More Than Just Pretty

This was the first song I wrote in a new batch of material.

I was in a place where I couldn’t love again after previous events, I then met one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. The more time we spent together the more I realised that she was in a worse place than I was. This was all down to the attention she got and that had made her this way.

At this point in time we were both trying to find happiness in the wrong place and that’s usually where we’d be bumping each other. I didn’t see this person again for many years but when I did, they had found their peace and I had found mine.

About Brother Sister

This song is about growing up with my big sister after my mother left, my dad wasn’t around and didn’t know how to deal with us, so we were left to our own devices and got into trouble quite a lot.

My sister and I both had to negotiate growing up ourselves and we supported each other with life.

It’s a happy song about looking back at everything that went on in those wonder years of growing up.