The Q-Tip Bandits have today released their new single titled ‘Daisy’, the lead single off of their upcoming album ‘Melancholy Flowers’, dropping on June 10th.

These are the types of bands I look out for, to be honest. Those bands that have a unique combination of light and fun indie, hook filled pop, and lounge, yes lounge, tyle configurations. That sweet sound of horns and hip pierce through the speakers and highlight that already monster hook. Add the feeling of subtle melancholy through the lyrics and you have a song with weight. Heavy like a flower yet lite with the power. Good music.

About ‘Daisy’

The style of The Q-Tip Bandits combines breezy indie pop in the style of current artists like Rex Orange County or Yellow Days with a trumpet & trombone horn section to create a smooth yet powerful sound backed by the raw energy of rock and the coolness and colors of R&B and funk — with palpable grooves coated with savory, soul-inspired riffs, anthemic horns and meaningful lyrics.

Despite the bright, upbeat sonic palette, there is an unmistakable air of wistfulness to “Daisy” (hence the album title Melancholy Flowers), especially as you dig deeper into the lyrics. Speaking to the lyrical inspiration behind “Daisy”, Leo writes “The initial spark for this song came after a visit to a childhood friend in Brooklyn. I hadn’t seen her in maybe 6 years and I noticed that her current lifestyle reassembled more of who I was when I first met her… searching for relief and meaning in my human experience through the use of mind altering substances. Now all the brilliance, honesty and compassion masked by a chemical lethargy but still ever present. Still shining in her warmth and loving energy, still trying to help others find self love, belonging and the light within themselves.

“Reflecting on my visit while driving back home to Boston, I thought of my mother and her unconditional love despite the suffering this life has brought her. I thought about all my friends who struggle but still manage to show up for the ones they love. I thought about how so many of us, through our search for meaning, find solace in religion to then have that same religion condemn us. Then I thought of myself, and the years and years of masking my own pain with a warm smile and my own search for meaning and falling out of organized religion.”

Then some time later, I sat down with this feeling and wrote the chorus to “Daisy”. For this friend and all the people who have masked pain and who continually put themselves second to show up and bring light into other people’s lives to say, “I see you” and “you are not alone.” With the more sparse verses, to balance out the “warmth” and fullness of the later sections, expressing the “cold” and lonely searching for that same light that is only found through our relationships and helping of each other. And in the climax of the song, a half time section of sweeping guitars, reverse piano, big drums, melodic bass and horns, we are delivered a both tragic and uplifting lyric and melody of the vocals to carry us into the end of the song.”

About The Q-Tip Bandits

“No, they’re not a Q-tip wielding gang enforcing personal hygiene. This Boston-based five-piece are an indie-rock/pop outfit with some of the sweetest tones that side of the Atlantic.” – The Courier, Newcastle, UK

Since their inception in early 2018, The Q-Tip Bandits have emerged into the Boston music scene as an energetic and vibrant act that continues to touch audience’s hearts while getting them up on their feet. Described as “an indie-pop delight” by The Deli Mag, their debut single “Willow” made waves across the Atlantic, reaching 50,000 streams on Spotify within the first 3 weeks of release and garnering enough momentum for the band to record their debut EP, Ain’t It Great. It was met with great enthusiasm, despite being released amidst a global pandemic, and was called “a must add to your summer playlist” by The Courier.

After a summer of outdoor touring in 2021 — including shows opening for pop-funk powerhouses Ripe and Los Elk — “Willow” broke 1 million streams, the band was nominated for “Best New Artist” by the Boston Music Awards, and they returned to the studio to record their first LP Melancholy Flowers, set to be released on June 10th, 2022.