1. Supersonic The Red Lite District 2:25

The Red Lite District are a four piece punk rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band produce a distinctive blend of punk rock which can be energetic and atmospheric with a modern edge. Their sound is filled with momentum, melody and insightful lyrics.

The Red Lite District have created this new E.P, titled The Shape of Things to Come, with five new and original tracks. ‘The Shape…’ is available from all good digital online retailers through DCC Records, a label formed by the band to distribute and promote their releases.

This new E.P has been produced by Andy Miller (Mogwai / De Rosa) at Gargleblast Studios in Hamilton, Scotland.

This new EP sees The Red Lite District expand their sound whilst retaining the driving momentum they are so well known for.

This collection of songs expands on where last EP ‘Peephole’ left off, venturing into swirling atmospheric sounds which create an ‘ambient-punk’ landscape. This is best illustrated on the track ‘Sleeper’ which manages to be both concise in language, meaning and length, but so expansive in depth.

The track ‘The Lunatic’ summons The Stooges at their finest and their most energetic, this track is a modern punk classic, never giving up on its intent to self-destruct. ‘Supersonic’ could also be designated a porto-punk monster, its simplicity and power rip through two and a half minutes of time like a scream in the dark. ‘Blackpool Rock’ tells the story of chance and regret in a very British setting. And finally ‘Made of Steel’ takes a more tender turn, its melody, lyrics and music really make this a standout moment of emotion within a blend of harder things.

Work will begin on forming videos for Youtube release of the tracks Sleeper, The Lunatic and Made of Steel, which are each intended to be lead songs for promotion of the EP.

The EP will be a digital release only, and will be available on all of the most common digital retailers including Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

DCC Records was established in 2019 as a medium for releasing the bands music, as well as other local punk rock bands. ‘The Shape…’ is the third release from The Red Lite District on the label.

SOURCE: Official Bio