1. Blood Sweat And Tears The Speed of Sound 2:43

Manchester UK’s underground rock veterans The Speed Of Sound collide the 1960’s with The Now, forming a gripping and immersive atom-smashing DIY NewWave NoWave NuWave PowerPop Psych-out: John Armstrong – guitar/vocals, AnnMarie Crowley – vocals/guitar, Kevin Roache – bass, John Broadhurst – drums. The Speed Of Sound have an original and distinctively identifiable sound, something that is largely lacking in the 21st century cookie-cutter corporate music industry.

Existing in spite of the music industry rather than because of it, firmly outside the major labels they create a wealth of tune-heavy songs that grow in stature with repeat listening, mesmeric and addictive with a depth and quality that immerses the listener and transcends traditional genre limitations. With a DIY ethos derived from punk and a lust for experimentation taken from psychedelia. Inspiration comes from inside, from rage and exasperation and also external themes of dissatisfaction and the inherent inequality and instability of the 21st Century. There is an alternative and this is it.

SOURCE: Official Bio