1. Good WIthout Ya Thea Lissi 3:12

Thea Lissi began her creative process when she was just a child writing poetry and music but never really considered herself a singer due to growing up in a household with sisters that all had amazing voices(6 sisters to be exact). Feeling like she didn’t quite measure up, she stuck to her writing, and having dealt with abuse, poverty, and more, Lissi had a lot to write about.

After a daughter, marriage, and a divorce, Lissi found herself wanting to get back to the things that she loved. So, music and writing came flooding back to her again.

In December 2020, Lissi traveled to Los Angeles to dance in a music video for her friend Meco and while they were together, she ended up getting some studio time and going in to record her first single “Ready Now”. Lissi fell in love with the entire process and kept going.

She soon found herself healing as she recorded three more songs and now, signed with Payn Kyller Records “Good Without Ya” will be her first single as a signed artist with this label.

SOURCE: Official Bio