1. Lady Shady Tower of Foil 2:51

Founded in Sweden in the late fall of 1999 Tower of Foil have roamed the swedish indie undergrowth for over 20 years now. Mainly focusing on releasing EP’s and singles Tower of Foil have tried to hail the subtle art of grandios indie pop music.

The sounds spanning from jazzy soul to distortion smeared pop bombs containing the full pallette of alternative pop music.

Lady Sady is a two-piece single from Swedish indie pop band Tower of Foil. “Lady Shady” an autumn ridden relationship drama and “Rainbow Torch” a rainbow colored appreciation song for all those who dared.

The classic Tower of Foil-elements are there; harmonies, melodies and swirling guitars and piano’s. After 21 years still eager to create something new, reasonably catchy and always with a melodic and lyrical flair.

SOURCE: Official Bio