Winachi is set to drop their new EP titled ‘Intoxicated’, featuring Rafael Aragon, on May 20th as a Bandcamp Exclusive.

A clear and obvious departure, on the surface, ‘Intoxicated’ is as much of a sheer evolution of Winachi as it is a musical departure. Rafael is a clearly beautiful addition to the ones still a tribe outside of their revised name, and the original contrasts and compliments both the live version and the studio symphonic.

This marks, what I call, the beginning of the transitional phase of Winachi. I predict in a few years Winachi will have entirely changed while retaining their massive fan bas. This is something all great bands an artists do. The cocoon is cracked and a tentacle is emerging.

Production-wise, this is also a sound system set of tracks. Find an expensive home theater system and listen. Earbuds would be a crime. Press play and see what I mean.

As worldly as it is cinematic, Winachi construct that score for your next memory with passion, perversion, and everything in between, and they do it with the style of earnestness.

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About Winachi

Swaggering northern tenacity spliced with smooth Californian G Funk soul is what makes up the foundation of groove machine WINACHI. Since they gravitated towards one another in 2015, the diverse musical background of each band member has helped push WINACHI’s sound into something bone meltingly, ass shakingly unique.