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Winachi are set to release their new single titled ‘Characters’ on January 28th. Winachi is a band and brand that have long ago found their sound. And that sound is golden, not only in the ears of their fans, but to anyone who inevitably comes across them. They are accessible, to say the least. And their music is the type that can span fans of any and all genres.

With ‘Characters’, we get a straight mix of electric, pop, and beat. Whatever degrees of each is up to the listener. Shining a light in a dark world via infectious music. And ‘Characters’ is a perfect example of what I feel is Winachi’s best musical trait; that ability to take a song and build it up simply by injecting character into the song itself. What I mean by this is that Winachi will sail a song like a giant boat along a river and let that boat be the center of attention. Obscure, I know, but this song does that perfectly. It chugs along simply being itself and lets the listener create that crescendo in their head, making the listener a participant. Take from that what you will but, when you hit that play button, you will know exactly what I mean.

“Characters is about how we’re all living together in this extremely beautiful yet completely fucked up world, and how once you get past all the predigest, hate and judgmental bullshit we’re all just the same, living under the same sky…we’re human beings and without each other we’re nothing. When writing and producing this track we wanted to make something that sounded like a cross between Beck, George Clinton and a Looney Tunes cartoon, I think we succeeded with that. The world’s such a dark, insane place at the moment that we wanted to put out our own little slice of madness…except exchanging the darkness for a bit of a color…Characters is exactly that, a funked up Buggs Bunny cartoon”

Liam Croker (Winachi)

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About ‘Characters’

Winachi release NEW single ‘Characters’, the second release through the band’s newly launched Bandcamp site. It follows on from acclaimed Dub E.P ‘PARASITICAL ELIMINATION’ which came out November 2021. ‘Characters’ is the first in a long line of Winachi releases to be put out by the band throughout 2022.

Characters was mixed by critically acclaimed, platinum selling producer / engineer Jim Spencer, who is known for his work with the likes of New Order, The Charlatans, Johnny Marr & Electronic amongst many other artists.

Characters is released 28/01/2022 via Winachi.bandcamp.com


  • Produced & Performed by Winachi @ Winachi HQ
  • Additional Keys – Lee ‘Latch’ Parker @ Tuff Gong Studios
  • Mixed by Jim Spencer @ Eve Studios
  • Mastered by Ben Booker @ The Den