Zeus Rebel Waters and Winachi have just released the US premiere for the mega-collab video and singles titled ‘Ms. Parker’ Parts 1 & 2.

The video for part 1, filmed at the legendary club The Mint, in Los Angeles, the video finds the might and the mood of an in-your-face rock and bootstrapped ride through the minds of musical madmen with that sense of swagger and that spirit of suave.

Fringe from that first note, both versions have a slight reprieve from each other while giving the audio equivalent of the toxic twins caught between bender and breakfast. This matchup and mashup has the audacity of originality and the tenacity of teflon toughguys because nothing sticks to any of them except that natural coolness that only comes from sheer talent. Crank this shit.

Bonus points if you can sync both versions on this page.

  1. Ms. Parker (Part 2) Zeus Rebel Waters / Winachi 2:25

About Zeus Rebel Waters

Zeus Rebel Waters is an American hip hop artist/songwriter, entrepreneur, single-dad, community leader and philanthropist. The St. Louis native brings a distinct sound and style to hip hop known simply as Gumbo – a gritty blend of all genres mixed with melodic cadence and eclectic rhymes.

The indie rapper brings raw energy to the stage and unleashes it to all his fellow, “Rebels” making his live show an experience of high-intensity and positive vibes. His breakout record “Like This” from the album, Escaped Off The Chains, received placement in TV commercials, NFL games, the Rogue Pictures film, Waist Deep, and hit drama series, The Sopranos.

From humble beginnings to Hoo Bangin’ Records, Waters has become a major player throughout the bi-state region. Now, the deity rapper is setting his sights on the global market. With business ventures in fashion, film, and community development, Zeus’ imprint goes far beyond bars and tracks. Make no mistake, Zeus Rebel Waters is here!

About Winachi

Swaggering northern tenacity spliced with smooth Californian G Funk soul is what makes up the foundation of groove machine WINACHI. Since they gravitated towards one another in 2015, the diverse musical background of each band member has helped push WINACHI’s sound into something bone meltingly, ass shakingly unique.

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