Wolves has today released their new lyric video for the single titled ‘Last Call’. While we don’t normally review or premiere lyric videos, this one has that certain something you need not grow to love because it’s just there. Slow groove just under the soul-drenched vocals. You feel it. The lyrics need presented visually. Let it put you in a trance.

Realizing that last call can lead to feeling that last chance, we get a dancefloor decision. those times we’ve all been through right before we create that next memory or last moment. It comes down to our character. And that character is full of soul.

About Wolves

WOLVES is Marc Avery and Sean Carney, two incredible producers who combined forces to create booming and swelling 808 drums alongside desolate guitar riffs and silky melodies.

“Last Call” was written by Marc Avery, who was inspired by his love for Kaytranada, and other dance producers. Avery says, “Being from Chicago, I hold dance music and house music in high regard. This song comes from a nostalgic place while trying to bring something new to the table.”

Everyone knows, “Last Call” is usually what happens at the end of the night at a bar. It’s the last drink you can get before the bar closes. Sometimes you go fishing for someone to take home too if it’s anyone there. In this case, it’s a last chance at trying to feel better over an ex using whatever means necessary.

Featured image by Jeremy David.