Wolves (a.k.a. Magdalen Fossum) has released her new single titled ‘The Dream That Woke’. Giving the impression of sound as a canvas, Wolves proves to be a more than capable songwriter who knows how to fill the space and when to allocate space within the notes. This is a sublimely energetic soundscape of a song from an artist at the start of her career. When that artist is hungry and not filled with either ego or defeat. That magic moment in the music when that music is at its purist.

About Wolves

Wolves is a self-produced bedroom-pop artist from SE Michigan with delicate, hypnotic vocals, and a knack for dreamy, meditative soundscapes. The DIY artist returns with her new single ‘The Dream That Woke’ on June 20th. The ethereal lo-fi track is a therapeutic listen with an authenticism that radiates through Wolves’ fluttering vocal melodies.

Listen as Wolves transports you from her bedroom to a surrealist art exhibition with a hypnotic track that was impressively recorded and produced entirely on her phone and computer. The Dream That Woke’ serves as a reminder to Wolves that even in the darkest of moments, music is a lighthouse, a beacon that never goes out.

About ‘The Dream That Woke’

The song compares a relationship to being in a dreamlike state, and when the relationship collapses it can be hard to let go of that feeling of security and comfort. Written in the midst of a heavy breakup, “The Dream That Woke” was a way for me to cope with my emotional turbulence and helped release some of my uncertainty in moving forward. The song will always be a reminder of my ability to heal and grow.

Wolves (Magdalen Fossum) was surrounded by musical influences at a very young age, at home with parents & older siblings who sing & play, and while running around her mother’s well established music venue. She got her start singing and performing professionally at the age of 9 around some of Michigan’s finest indie/folk festivals & venues.

With a primary focus on old jazz & folk music on ukulele, she developed her unique voice, established a large regional following and YouTube presence, and grew her love of being on the stage. Hitting her teens brought obvious changes musically and she began focusing her energy on writing original songs, perfecting new instrumentation and developing her own style of atmospheric immersion, with former influences still present.

Now at age 20, Wolves is producing all of her own music; in 2021 alone, she has released 2 EP’s and 1 single that has cemented her as a promising young independent artist with dream-pop inclinations. Smoky vocals and edgy synth-forward production and songs fueled by feelings of emotional ambivalence, introspection, heartbreak, and innocent love, demonstrate Wolves ability to musically transfix.

While her music is mostly inspired by her own internal conflicts and love, Wolves is also a political individual and an activist. As a young, bisexual woman, she heavily supports and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights as well believing strongly in equal rights and fair treatment of all people who are considered a minority.

Appreciating art in all its forms, Wolves is also passionate about cinematography, painting, upcycling fashion and videogames. She is optimistic about how technology now allows for people to express their creative sides from their bedrooms and hopes that her music can inspire others to express themselves.