Worldwide Groove Corporation, Nashville’s electronic music power duo, have made the bold commitment of putting out one new downtempo chillout music release a month for a year.

After 7 years of working for the “music” man, Worldwide Groove Corporation are going large and taking charge with a steady stream of new releases that will keep their fans happy for a long time. “Since our last album release, we’ve been working on our own music between jobs for other clients, and we’ve made this bold move to keep ourselves moving forward as artists,” says Ellen Tift, songwriter and arranger for WGC.

The August release of their downtempo chillout song “Kiss Me Slow” featuring Italian rapper Kareem Bennett, marks the second month of their “Year of the Groove”. “This song has a mysterious vibe and a gritty edge with the electric guitars and synth bass, which makes it one of our more edgy sonic releases,” says Kurt Goebel, programmer and producer for WGC. Worldwide Groove Corporation began their “Year of the Groove” in July 2014 with a dual single release of their electronic remake of “Summertime” by George Gershwin and their own original song “Come to Me,” a cathartic anthem of deep unfulfilled longing for a reconnection with the divine, a definite lyrical departure from their previous tracks. Listen to these releases at

The last full record WGC released was their Chillodesiac Lounge, vol. 1: Fever album in 2007. This project featured their reinventions of well loved jazz standards into the downtempo electronica style. They garnered success with this record, being included in over a dozen compilations around the world and nabbing the #1 rank on the Sirius XM Chill station with their original instrumental track “Smoke & Mirrors,” outranking well known acts such as Moby, Thievery Corp, Portishead, and Zero 7 for two months. Additionally, their work for other clients has brought them to new audiences, such as having their song “Freak the Beat” featured on a Grey’s Anatomy ad in the Fall of 2013, and also composing and producing the main them and all of the back ground music for CMT’s biopic series “Inside Fame” in 2014.

WGC are also providing the individual instrumental “stems” for hobbyists to have the opportunity to remix their songs. DJs and hobby music producers can download the bass part, keyboard parts, and isolated vocals from the original songs released by WGC to import into their own music programming software and chop it up, add their own beats, reharmonize it, or even rap over it. Additionally, when appropriate, a karaoke version of the track will be available for those who wish to sing the songs themselves.

Those interested in knowing when new releases are available can join their mailing list [aka: their “favorite people” list] on their website at

Worldwide Groove Corporation are Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift, specializing in electronic pop and downtempo chillout music production, string arranging, and remixes. Their music has been featured on national television, in independent films, and used in advertising campaigns in the U.S. and Europe.