The Test Drive: Elora - Cada día es asíElora is a band from Barcelona, Spain and they are clearly on a mission. Their new album, titled “Cada día es así” (translated “Every Day Is So”) is a perfect balance of white noise and pop-sonic sensibility. The hooks are ever present but they tend to not go in the direction you think, which is always a pleasant surprise. The fact that the album is in Spanish (Which I do not speak) doesn’t matter because it’s the music that tells the story here and the story is an emotional ride through perfectly placed notes an harmonies throughout a brilliant mindscape of aural pleasure. The entire album is a hot spot and is now permanently in my personal collection. Well done!

“Cada día es así” is available now via Custom Made Music.

About Elora:
ELORA is the new project of Marco Morgione (Linn Youki, ex-Glissando and music producer), Ernesto de Bastian (ex-Anna & The Bananas and former manager of Electrica Dharma) and Dani del Sol (ex-Mena and “outraged” activist). In only 4 months, and with the philosophy of “doing you yourself” they have set up a band, they have filmed a music video and now presents his debut “The” (seven young ladies screaming EP, debut “The” (seven young ladies screaming, 2013), which will be first of a trilogy of EP’s already recorded seeing the light to “snacks”. Noise, rare tunings, bass traps, choral voices and rhythms Hassocks are part of the sound spectrum this Barcelona trio that says “flee from known in the creativo\ process influences”, for thus “own sound” and now, with your first reference, you can already judge whether they are getting it. If they return the 90’s they petarán it, if not, we’ll see, but it is clear that they will not leave you indifferent.