Yuni Wa has today released his new album titled ‘Hyperdrive’. From that wicked taster we got last month comes the entrée. Eight songs of sonic goodness that range from electronic to funk to everything else all mashed together in a delicately bound cosmic gash of music from the mind of a musical master.

Yuni Wa has made fans all around the Jammerzine staff ever since we interviewed him last year. His story fits his sound and his sound is the culmination of a true life led. You hear that in ‘Hyperdrive’. Listen for yourself, and take it in.

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About ‘Hyperdrive’

‘Hyperdrive’ is a concept album based around the story about a man who crash lands his spaceship and must rebuild his hyperdrive from materials that he can find on the planet he crashed down into. He experiences a range of emotions and becomes more delirious the deeper the story goes.

He hits a point where he wants to give up and feels completely alone. Nonetheless, he figures it out after suffering from extreme delirium in the end and is able to leave the planet but, even after he has left the planet, he never feels the same again.

The experience was traumatic, but he has to learn how to live with it.

Most people can understand the idea of hacing to learn how to live after experiencing traumatic events that create a feeling of debilitating depression. This is the same idea, but with sci-fi elements.

Yuni’s story is an abstract perspective of a real life thing, and he is conveying a story about breaking down and fixing yourself.

I regards to the style, Yuni explores deeply into the Electronic/Symthwave driven sound that he is known for, but with so much more abstract detail.

‘Hyperdrive’ thoroughly shows an older Yuni Wa that is more focused on having an avante-garde approach to electronic music. This album is ultimately a story about breaking down and fixing yourself.

Yuni Wa produced ‘Hyperdrive’ in Conway, Arkansas in January through February, 2022.