Dreamers have released the 10th anniversary of their incarnation via GIVE/TAKE. A solid take that shows time can have no meaning in music gives a landscape of digital dystopia via a dynamic duo that should just get back together. Harsh and hard with hints of hip in all the right places, this is an album that sounds as fresh in this decade as it would in any other.

About Dreamers

Los Angeles-based Dreamers was the last incarnation of a 13 year collaboration between Robbie C Williamson and Megan Gold. Throughout their journey, they manifested different incarnations as The Won Ton Process, Bats of Artifice, Work and most notably, We Are The World.

Band names and collaborators blew in and out, but at the center was always the heartbeat of Williamson’s cutting edge, genre defying production and Gold’s sometimes growling and other times glorious vocals.

The group’s self-titled LP is rawness blasting from the jukebox of a futuristic malt shop. It is commentary on the landscape of this 3D reality, both politically and spiritually. Angular arrows of truth bombs and undeniable dance jams, Dreamers is the crowning jewel thief of the Williamson/Gold union.

The new expanded Dreamers (10th Anniversary Edition) which also includes three recently unearthed, previously unreleased songs is available now.

Featured image by Todd Weaver.