The Test Drive: Jack Hardy - SlippedWith retro being the new antero, Jack Hardy really scores with his latest EP, “Slipped”. Five feel good n’ groovy tracks with each giving the credence of a single. “Slipped” is a kind of borderline shoegaze feel of an album with touches of Mersey sound Prime Phil Spector.

The guitars have that droning yet twangy distortion reminiscent of when the guitarists of the sixties used to cut tiny gashes in their amp speakers to get that fuzz sound before there were pedals to accommodate this.

This “packed for sound” experience is the type of lo-fi hook heaviness that never fails to get me up in the morning and make my day.

Jack Hardy’s “Slipped” is available now on limited edition cassette via Custom Made Music.

About Jack Hardy & “Slipped”
New Orleans based musician Jack Hardy makes lo-fi, psychedelic songs that are undeniably charming. His latest release “Slipped” is a stripped down, raw indie pop recording full of catchy hooks and screaming guitars that makes for a great representation of the true spirit of no frills rock n roll. “Slipped” is currently available as a limited edition cassette from CMM.