New PF Cover M 1400With a distinct swagger all their own combined with the attitude of The B-52s, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, and Alannah Myles, Florida based band Painted Fish have painted themselves as the feel good pop-rock hippie band of the new millennium with a set of well crafted songs that is their upcoming self titled album to be released September 5th.

The sultry vocals of singer Amber Lynn Nicol combined with the Peter Buck, Johnny Marr styled chord progressions of Tristan Willard and a rhythm section deep in powerful bass tones and driving drums Painted Fish seem poised to make a big splash in a small pond! The album starts with the stylistic jam “Bigger Bedroom” and refuses to let up after that. The hooks are ever present throughout the album with the end result being a solid album all the way through. I absolutely fell in love with Amber’s vocals in particular. She almost seems like that old girlfriend you secretly yearn to be back with but will never see again with her melodic crooning combined with a constant harmony that definitely stays with you. Well done!

The rest of the band really outdoes themselves as well. Tristan’s chord progressions combined with the slick bass tones and walking bass lines of Mitchell Ray are kept in perfect sync and always seem to know what to play.  Vinnie DeCosmo’s drumming is highlighted throughout as a steady pendulum with solid fills and inventive percussion.

About Painted Fish:
Painted Fish is a groovy blues/rock band with a splash of funk and clever hooks.  The four multi-instrumentalist band members will release their self-titled, debut album on September 5, 2015 at their local release party (Location: The Ale & The Witch in downtown St Petersburg, FL).  The band just returned from Summer mini-tour, which included dates in Key West and Northern California.  A followup mini tour is scheduled in New Jersey and New York this October.  Based out of St Pete, FL, Painted Fish’s music expresses everything from the daily stresses of middle class life (like in their new song “Complicated”) to getting “Stoned in San Francisco” or just being plain, “Happy.”  A track called “Evermore” on their new album talks about reincarnation.  The styles and themes are eclectic yet descriptive, upbeat, and primarily inspired by 1970’s and 1990’s blues and rock.

SOURCE: Official Bio