Each week we’ll introduce you to some of the acts you can look forward to seeing at the weekly Lipa cafe events as well as The 2Ube Extra Festival.

Offering an unrivaled opportunity to see discover the most exciting emerging artists active on Liverpool’s vibrant music scene right now, we are delighted to present The 2Ube and introduce you to some of the musicians that it will feature.


Signed to Japanese label Philter Inc who represent the likes of Katie Perry and Lily Allen, Norwegian Silje combines a Scandinavian/European sound with powerful vocals that are clearly influenced by American culture. Silje is as a positive, fresh and exciting solo performer.


‘She and her band filled the East Village Arts Club (EVAC) in Liveprool.’
Magnus Bringsvor, EUB, May 2014

‘Silje has a powerful voice that carriers far.’
Jan Rudolf Pettersen, RB, 2012

‘A voice that affects emotions and leave you with a feeling of wanting more of this Norwegian girl. We are certain that Siljes fresh look and magical charisma in combination with her strong and powerful voice will attract the industry´s attention ….’ WCOPA, 2011


MaVe, alias Marita Vestad, makes dark, catchy electronic music. Originating from Ringebu, Norway, MaVe uses her own life experiences when writing her lyrics, expressing thoughts and emotions people usually don’t dare to say out loud. From a young age she has stood out with her distinctive voice and emotional vocal performances. Together with producer Are Naesset they create dark electronica infused with elements from drum & bass, trap, rock and dubstep.


Tiger Factory
Tiger Factory

Tiger Factory
A hip hop/rock band combining smooth melodies, bouncy melodies and high energy live performances. They play the cafe next week on Friday Jan 30th.


“Some of the best choruses ever”
Eddie Lundon, China Crisis

“Tiger Factory is the tits”
Edwin Pope, Mutant Vinyl

Appearing tonight (January 30, 2015) at The 2Ube, Lipa Cafe:

  • 5 – Jonas Bech
  • 5:30 – Nadija
  • 6 – Aztex
  • 6:30 – Tiger Factory

Media outlets are welcome to attend The 2Ube in order to review and interview any of the artists appearing.

Based in LIPA Cafe, Liverpool Insititute for the Performing Arts, Mount Street, Liverpool, The 2Ube’s weekly showcase takes place each Friday from 5-7pm. The event features a diverse range of bands from across the north west and takes inspiration from its iconic eighties namesake, the Channel Four Television programme, The Tube.

Keith Mullin of Liverpool band The Farm is a music lecturer at Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts and the driving force behing The 2Ube. He describes the event as “a bastion of cultural diversity, a great breeding ground for new acts. In many ways it adopts a John Peel approach to music, not specialist or genre specific, in that you never know what you’re going to get.”

On February 6th and March 20th, the show will be live streamed on a designated YouTube channel, attracting viewers from all over the world as we gear up for the main event, the annual 2Ube Extra Festival which is set to attract viewers to its live stream from all over the world.

This year The 2Ube Extra Festival begins on April 15th and runs until April 23rd, featuring four bands each night, together with exclusive interviews and performances with some of the most respected figures in the music industry.

Some of the bands appearing on The 2Ube and The 2Ube Extra have already been featured by regional and national media, others are ready to be discovered; all are incredibly talented, innovative and exciting prospects.

“There is still a shortage of live music on our terrestrial screens so something like The 2Ube live from LIPA is a fabulous idea, not only does it give the students real industry skills in producing live Television but also offers a platform for emerging music to get seen by a wider audience.”
Dave Monks, BBC Radio Merseyside

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