1. Baby Aleks Grey 3:01

Aleks Grey has released his new single titled ‘B.A.B.Y.’. Standing for ‘Being Alone the Breaks You’, tells the story of not taking that chance in life. Finding that special someone. I’ve been there myself and thank God my fiancé is braver than I am.

Having said all of that, the song starts off with that Aleks Grey that has evolved into a more complex and thoughtful songwriter and such a different and diverse artist with a stellar track that is as pertinent as it is polished. This song sounds like a million dollars. And that, folks, is the secret to getting your name out. Listen. Learn. Love, baby!

About Aleks Grey & ‘B.A.B.Y.’

The Norwegian artist Aleks Grey is back with his new single ‘B.A.B.Y.’. After releasing two singles with the Norwegian label Toothfairy in 2018 Aleks Grey has spent most of his time in Pytt Studio in Oslo working on new music, as well as playing live with his band or his DJ buddy Sjur.

Aleks went on tour in Germany in 2019, but when the pandemic hit in 2020, all live-plans was binned and he spent the year writing new music together with artist Hanne Mjøen, songwriter Iselin Solheim (Alan Walker, SKAAR etc.) and super-producer Sivert Hagtvet. After a successful release of his first single in years “I Cant Make It Better” in January, he is now ready to unveil ”B.A.B.Y.”, another soothing track by the Norwegian talent.

B.A.B.Y. (Being Alone that Breaks You) tells the story of someone who’s afraid to take a chance on a relationship, or real love, if you will. Going by on the bare minimum, because you’re too afraid of letting yourself go. But what truly hurts, is waking up alone. They say love really makes you, but it’s the being alone that breaks you..

Featured image by Are Næsset.