Claudia Balla has released her new video for the track titled ‘why (can’t you), from her upcoming album ‘ALICE’, releasing April 1st. Filmed with a somewhat dystopian noire that brilliantly matches the beat of an equally dystopian electronic musical piece, Claudia emerges as a truly original artist on a mission with a glimmer of hope and heart showing music is the best way to comment on the future.

Electro-soul with a purpose and visuals with meaning, ‘why (can’t you)’ shows us a world in which the ending question is actually ‘why not’.

About Claudia Balla

Switzerland based singer/songwriter Claudia Balla has established her name as an exciting talent, and one to watch.

Claudia has tackled various issues in her songs, including the current social status of women in Perfect, and she’s tackled climate change in ‘Miracle’ ft. Mané.

She has also recorded a bilingual, winter-themed duet with the renowned Swiss singer, Sonia Grimm in ‘Likely/Si vous saviez’.

She’s back again this time with new track, ‘why’ the second single from her forthcoming album ‘ALICE’.

In ‘why’, Claudia invites us into her own version of a Wonderland; presenting a somber and sometimes lonely dystopia, but portrayed in a delicate, hopeful, and relatable manner. With the backdrop of synthy, electronic, and cyber sounding production- she creates the sound for a new world, in a different dimension.

Gravitating back sonically to her previous work, Claudia also stretches her songwriting further, both melodically and lyrically.

The story within the video shows partisans overthrowing the ‘system’, an economic crash, and the first signs of a climatic catastrophe.

As the narrator of the song is being defeated by an unnamed enemy, our reality is suffering the same blow. This poses the simple question, “why?”, which is being repeated throughout the song. Is it really the end this time, as predicted, or can we still make things right?

“why” is out on now.

ALICE is out Friday, April 1st.