1. Midnight Broken Fires 4:07

Broken Fires has today released their new single titled ‘Midnight’, from their upcoming EP dropping July 2nd.

Inspirational while melancholic and solid with every progressing note, ‘Midnight’ delves into the ‘what could’ve beens’ with a track slightly reminiscent of The Killers and absent of any fillers. Beautifully constructed and handed to the listener with love. Let the trio be the orchestra. This is beautiful.

About Broken Fires & ‘Midnight’

London and Swansea alt-pop/rock band Broken Fires return with their latest single “Midnight”, a melancholic song about relationships and regret. From friendships to love, the overthinking most of us experience at some point in our lives is revisited in this soft-rock track. Passed tracks have appeared on such stations as BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing Wales, and US public stations, and their music has also been used on television shows, including MTV.

Midnight has an air of sadness and longing wrapped in nostalgia – the relentless driving groove of early LCD Soundsystem, soaring layered harmonies of Manchester Orchestra and guitar hooks reminiscent of The Cult.

“This is a song about regret, about our mistakes and waiting for that moment when we can make amends.”

Singer and guitarist Tom explains: “I wanted to write something that was about that second when, despite everything that has happened in the past, we have a chance to change things – to repair. We all make so many mistakes. Screw up friendships. Say stupid things. Midnight – the moment when one day turns to the next – seemed like a neat metaphor for that second when things can change… or not as sometimes happens!”

The drums, bass and guitars for the track were recorded at Mwnci Studios in West Wales before the pandemic. Produced by the band and Matt Lederman (Rural Alberta Advantage, !!!) who also mixed the record – layers of synth, dreamy arpeggio guitars, glockenspiel and vocals were added remotely from separate bedrooms and home studios across Wales (and Canada) during the UK’s period of intermittent full lockdowns over the last 18 months.

The result is a 4-minute tour of the full range of the band’s sound, from a single arpeggiated synth to explosions of overlapping vocals, dreamy guitars and driving sixteenth note drum patterns.

Broken Fires’ self-released their debut album “Silhouettes” in 2015, which gained an outstanding level of support from BBC Introducing.