99469-single_coverNYC native artist, A.M. is on a mission to make an impact on different cultures. A.M, real name “Akeele Morgan”, was just another kid from the South Bronx. The only thing that distinguished him from the others, was his passion for music. In high school, he would rap for his friends, while his friends encouraged him to keep pursuing it.

At 18, one of his closest friend got sentenced to do over 5 years in prison. This was one of the focal points that Akeele knew he had to focus to turn his dreams into reality. A couple week later he landed an internship at local hip-hop radio station “Hot97”. Even though the internship was short lived, He knew he would be successful in the music industry if he applies all his efforts.

Shortly later, him and his neighborhood friend, Taiheem wentt, also known as T-notez decided to start a movement called “RnR”. RnR, which means Roaches and Rats, was a terminology the 2 use to describe the dirty environment they grew up from in the South Bronx.

SOURCE: Official Bio