1. Den of Sables Dyr Faser 4:38

Electronically driven and melodically sound, Dyr Faser up the ante with their new single “Den of Sables”. Fresh of the heels of their last single “Estranged”, the band takes their music in a new direction with a thumping proto-beat with sliding, dirty guitars and an electric backbeat worthy of any post-modern foot-stomp. Well done!

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About Dyr Faser
Boston-based trio Dyr Faser are releasing the single ‘Den of Sables’ from their forthcoming EP ‘Trio’, which was preceded by the first single ‘Estranged’. On ‘Trio’, the band cleverly blends post-punk, electronic, and psychedelia, often with southern guitar elements, contributed by indie rock icon Thalia Zedek (Come, Uzi, Live Skull, Thalia Zedek Band).

Based in Boston, Dyr Faser is comprised of Eric Boomhower (vocals, guitar, synth, Casio), Thalia Zedek (guitar, slide, backing vocals) and Katherine ‘Kate’ Murray (synth).

Although multi-instrumentalist Eric Boomhower originally began Dyr Faser as a solo project, he was eventually joined by Thalia Zedek. After many recordings, buzz-worthy shows, and a successful tour, they were joined by Kate Murray on synth and again head out for additional touring in both the USA and Canada.

Their music has been described as entrancing, hypnotic, dreamy, kraut-rockish, and meditative. On the ‘Trio’ EP, they fuse the European synth avant-garde and krautrock leanings of Eric Boomhower and Katherine Murray with the American guitar stylings of Thalia Zedek.

“The track ‘Den of Sables’ is how I imagine it’d be when Soft Cell meets The Gun Club,” says Thalia Zedek, whose lengthy career includes founding Come with Codeine’s Chris Brokaw and releasing four albums for that project. She has toured the world with Come and Live Skull.

For the first time in the band’s history, Eric and Thalia sing together, sharing vocals prominently on ‘Hybrid Souls’. Drum loops, synth swirl, dueling guitars, melodic vocals and electronic drum loops make for a hypnotic and inimitable release.

“We made this record after years of Thalia and I supporting each other’s music. As one-time housemates, we talked about music a lot. And unbelievably, I found Kate who shared a love for Krautrock and space rock. With this EP I hope to bring these sounds and talent to the pop world,” says Eric Boomhower.

Dyr Faser’s next live appearance is on October 12 in Cambridge, MA at The Middle East-Corner, where they will be joined by Public Speaking and Anda Volley.

“Dark, winding, and krauty. Electronic, phased-out beats wind and pulsate underneath gorgeous guitar and synth lines”
– Boston Hassle

“A unique set of noise-rock that blends blues riffs with samples and fiery bits of Sonic Youth-esque guitar hooks into something wholly original”
– A Pessimist is Never Disappointed

“Dyr Faser is the most entrancingly innovative band in Boston right now”
– Prefab Messiahs

“Confronting and menacing… psychedelic vibe with an airy haze. hypnotic guitar that lulls you into submission before leaving you behind”
– Tomatrax

“Ghost trance music”
– Clicky Clicky Music Blog

“A darkly layered sound that is subtle and builds up in intensity”
– Teenage Riot TV

“Lush, simple, vulnerable music with projections to look and feel like we’re seeing early Pink Floyd / Velvet Underground”
– The Noise Boston