45 years in 45 minutes. This pretty much sums up Songs of Loss, the debut album by A Permanent Shadow. A name that refers equally to areas of the moon untouched by sunlight, the after-effects of nuclear disaster and human skin peculiarities, for the band’s founder it represents melancholy, nostalgia and other sentiments usually traceable on the darker side of human life. The ten songs on the album take us on a musical journey through the life of its creator. Lyrically the record portrays the lives of personalities that have inspired the author, some of them very close, some of them family, others fictitious.

The music is a blend of old and new, the songs draw from the likes of (in no particular order) Iggy Pop, Scott Walker, Gary Numan, Yellow Magic Orchestra, David Sylvian and Nine Inch Nails as well as more recent bands like Editors, Interpol and Franz Ferdinand among many others, encompassing post-punk, funk-punk and synth-pop.

Songs from the heart. Songs of Loss by A Permanent Shadow.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Colette Pomerleau.