The first thing that struck me when I heard ‘What For?’ / ‘Away’, the new double single by the UK’s own Dogtooth, was the sonically harmonious blend of guitars and crunchy yearning hooks within the tracks. Each track has it’s own signature sound within yet lets the listener know that this is a band on the move and one that knows where it wants to move too.

‘What For?’ has that longing within the chorus that gives credence and meaning to the song and the content within the lyrics, and that is a beautiful thing. ‘Away’, on the other hand, chugs along like a freight train and builds to a powerhouse chorus that explodes like an audio flower of rock anthem-nous fit for a stadium crowd.

The double single ‘What For?’ / ‘Away’ drops on August 16th.

About Dogtooth
Dogtooth formed in 2013 and like a lot of bands they started out playing covers of their favorite songs, now older and much wiser they’ve played well over 300 gigs all over the UK in some great venues. The band was soon writing and recording their own material, gradually introducing the new songs into their live set.

Debut EP ‘Breakthrough’ was released on May 2017 with an in-store launch at HMV Argyle Street and is available in all UK stores on 10″ vinyl and CD format.

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They’re now back with this stunning AA side ‘What For/Away’, taking a leaf from The Killers earliest releases but with a Scottish accent, they’re both sure-fire Indie floor fillers.

The band is currently writing their debut album so expect a lot more to come from these young Scottish upstarts, this is just the beginning, and what a beginning!