So how did Alerisa Rose get to where she is today? It all started when she sang for the first time as a child in dance class. From 4th grade on through 12th she stuck with choir and musical theater each choir director repeatedly telling her she was singing too loud. A tell-all for any real soul singer.

After high school, Rose performed with several bands never really comfortable to write her own music in any of them. This was until a falling out with her best friend affected her deep enough to write “Suffering”; the first song she had written from start to finish.

During the course of her two year split with her best friend, the songwriter spent her time soul searching in California delving into witchcraft in the deserts and finally, coming out with a full EP.

Once returning home to Massachusetts, she got in touch with Paul Curran. The two began working together and eventually brought in drummer and producer Owen Korzec and from there, the Rosebuds EP was finally born.

SOURCE: Official Bio