1. Ricochet Amie Jay 4:09

Amy Johnson is an Alternative Folk/Pop artist, whose music is emotional, honest and packed with authentic experience. She has recently taken the step from acoustic work to create a fully-fledged concept EP which combines acoustic tracks with electronic and even hip-hop elements. The debut single ‘Ricochet’ will be released on February 21st and is the lead track from her forthcoming EP (in Spring 2020).

From age 5, Amy was inspired by lyricism and poetry and began songwriting. Once she gained a guitar, she began combining these melodies with musical ideas. A singer and a dancer, Amy studied both subjects at Kingston University and stuck around to pursue her passion for storytelling. Her upcoming EP tells the story of a relationship breakdown in 5 songs – from the initial promise of a new beau to the separation and eventual acceptance. ‘Ricochet’ is a Folk/Pop ballad with soaring strings and layered harmonies, underpinned by emotionally-charged acoustic guitar and electronic embellishments. The title speaks of the uncertainty surrounding returning or walking away, plus the idea of one person throwing themself in and the other pulling back. Producer Ryan Stavrou features to express the male perspective, adding layers (and beautiful harmonies) to the story.

SOURCE: Official Bio