89852-Amongst_Family_AlbumWith the release of the self titled full length record, Amongst Family brings a new feel to a classic genre by using a unique approach to song writing and combining a current indie rock feel, with an all around folk aesthetic. The album is lush with beautiful melody and instrumentation while diverse influence seeps in as it plays on. Laced with Americana and an energy only a young band can bring, the album touches on very personal subjects which is the best part about how the band writes their songs. Through out the record Amongst Family never loses touch with the emotional platform from which great songs are built.

The first single “Cannon Fires”, is an anthemic and catchy indie pop folk song that breathes and builds to its choruses. Full with string sections, and a dream like sound, the song sways along at times feels like listening to a lullaby. Like many other songs on the album, “Cannon Fires” is about life experiences and the things they bring along with them.

“Cannon Fires was about a time that Caleb, my brother, another friend, and I took a trip down to Florida. It was pretty unplanned. We didn’t really even know where we were going to stay until we were just a few hours away from where we were headed. The song is just about different moments, and incredibly fun and funny times that happened while we were there. It was a few of the most memorable days I’ve ever had in my life.” explains the band of their single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album itself, to get a full understanding of Amongst Family and what the record is actually about, it should be heard in full. The album is full, catchy, and diverse, but there is a glue that keeps it all together. Songs like “The Roots Grow Twice As Deep” is a beautiful indie folk song that paints a picture.

“The Roots Grow twice as deep is a true story about a man and his internal struggles during war. The name is sort of referring to him clinging to his anger and bitterness.” says songwriter Mitch Fossier of the song.

Amongst Family is comprised of Mitch Fossier, Meredith Law, and Caleb Chauncey whom all went to the same school in Atlanta GA together. Caleb and Meredith had already been playing music together when Mitch befriended them both and ended up playing and writing with the both of them. Focusing mostly on writing and recording, the three of them ended up creating Amongst Family.

The band gigs normally around the Atlanta area and are planning a tour for the upcoming summer which will include dates in Nashville and the surrounding areas.