90393-Ish_front_coverContrast, conflict, and a lurking darkness weave their way through Six Times Seven’s driving energy. A 90s alternative core with a growling dose of early-70s proto-metal results in an intense package of diversity that reflects the same element in their roster.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Stevie Caldwell and songwriter/bassist Ron Levine forged Six Times Seven in 2011 from the remains of the jam-oriented October Arrest with a tighter focus. Despite having little common musical ground (Stevie was thinking Hole and Ron was thinking Hawkwind), they soon discovered that their tastes collided into a compelling tapestry. The addition of drummer Dave Zimmerman was the critical final piece of the puzzle for a band whose sound required both power and finesse.

The female-fronted rock trio has been likened to 50 Foot Wave, mid-period grungy Neil Young, and “like Joan Armatrading fronting Queens of the Stone Age or a depressed Foo Fighters.” The delicate lead vocals against the harder instrumentation is a play on opposites that defines the feel of their music. It’s straight-forward rock’n’roll, it’s smoky melodies, it’s emotion-laden stories. It’s lines blurred and redefined with unpredictable edges.

The band released debut EP “A Lesbian, a Jew, and a Dave” in July 2013. Recorded in their native Boston, the four tracks showcase the trio’s range and spirited delivery. “Somnambulist” exudes a dark pop sensibility, but is followed by the thunderous angst-ridden roar of “The Devil Rise.” Lyrically, however, both tracks share a theme of personal insight and awareness which continues through the energetic anthem “Awake.” The final track, “Closer,” shifts between soft and heavy passages that reflect the simultaneously comforting and threatening lyrics; the delivery of lines like “I will only punish you if you don’t come closer” has been described as a “sexy menace with a smile.” Available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and good old-fashioned CD, the EP has spent time on Bandcamp’s best seller list and the band supported the release with numerous live events.

In May 2015, Six Times Seven released similarly varied sophomore EP “Ish,” featuring the hook-laden “Hindsight,” driving grind of “The Last Resort,” and timeless class of “One of These Days.” The band is now fleshing out several ideas for a follow-up full-length release.

Above all, Six Times Seven values the joy and human connections of music. This is a band that takes their art seriously; themselves, not so much. This might best be illustrated on the artwork for both “A Lesbian, a Jew, and a Dave” and “Ish,” which bear the dubious warning: “Unauthorized duplication is greatly encouraged. Share this bitch.”