100180-andrew_v_john2Andrew V John is a legally blind singer / songwriter from Sydney, Australia. After a series of personal tragedies, including the death of a number of family members (including his father and brother) and losing his vision, he has been highly motivated to pursue a career in music. His latest losses were the death of his brother-in-law and a lady-friend, who died of cancer in late 2015.

“It was like a slap on my face, reminding me how short life is…I know it sounds tragic, losing your loved ones and losing your vision also…but I want to show people and prove to myself that there is still hope. I am trying my best to do what I am capable of as I feel this is my purpose in life now. I am hoping to connect with others through my music” says Andrew.

As a former church musician, Andrew has displayed his musical abilities since childhood and was exposed to many different genres with piano & keyboard as his main instrument.

Born in Asia, but now living in Australia, Andrew grew up in a disadvantaged family. His father played the violin in a band and this heritage has contributed to his musical gifts.

His visual impairment has fine-tuned his musical artistry in recent times and has encouraged him to present his works to others. Andrew is a tenor, who can sing with an almost angelic voice, but can also sing in a light classical style or in Contemporary Pop style.

Andrew V John is a really unique, unusual and unconventionally-styled singer/songwriter with stories to tell. His eclectic taste in music, plus his life experiences have influenced him to create music that is meaningful, relatable and positive.

Andrew released his first EP and single in March and April 2016. Three music videos taken from these releases have reached about 23,000 views. His songs are approaching 17,000 plays on jango.com and he now has hundreds of fans from all over the world. In the past weeks, the song “Stars Won’t Lie” and “Follow Your Heart” have become the favourite with listeners.

A second EP titled “Goodbye Is Not Forever” containing more interesting music from Andrew V John has just been released in late July 2016 along with a new music video.

SOURCE: Official Bio