Axel Jordan
Axel Jordan

A Native New Yorker, Axel Jordan is an up & coming artist paving his way in today’s music industry. With a talent of musicianship, a passion for melodies, a desire to move and a love of experience, his music sets a tone of R&B while keeping you moving like only pop music can.

Axel Jordan, with the help of additional performances by Greg Rich and Leaf, has recently unveiled his Shane By Axel Jordan clothing line, and is kicking off the radio campaign for his new singles “Shine” and “Fantasy”, which appear on Axel Jordan’s debut album “Shine” now available on iTunes and the other major services.

New York native Axel Jordan, both the designer of the clothes and the writer and performer of the music, is also an internationally renowned model and dancer. This marks his second foray into the musical fold, having put out the well received single “Release Me” in 2013.

The man behind the brand is AxelJordan, who in addition to his chic fashion sense is an uncompromising singer, songwriter and performer as well. Born in Brooklyn and currently spending time bi coast-ally between LA and NYC, AxelJordan really started to make a name for himself with the release of his first album in the summer of 2013 and has been steadily gaining worldwide recognition as a musician, model and clothing designer in all forms of media, since then.